Lishe Ruvuma Program Initiated Transformative Reflective Leadership Approach/skills to address gender and nutrition with the aim of improving maternal and child health and nutrition. A group of village leadership alliance members were facilitated in Transformative Reflective Leadership Approach to enable them identify existing and address some gender concerns which include Harmful Local beliefs and negative attitudes against the girl child and women, Lack of decision making power for women, Teenage/Adolescent pregnancies and childhood marriages, Inadequate support and care for women and children, Women’s work load and low level of male involvement in household chores and maternal and child health care issues. The community appreciated for the initiatives and promised to work closely with the gender and nutrition committee. Lishe Ruvuma is implemented in collaboration with the Local Government, funded by Irish Aid.


COUNSENUTH's Gender Officer (Grace Thomas) facilitating group discussion as part of the Leadership Approach.