Past Programs
COUNSENUTH has been in operation since 1998. In the early years of COUNSENUTH there was a big focus on nutrition and HIV.

COUNSENUTH was the first organization that put a lot of effort on nutrition and HIV and it was the first organization in Tanzania to develop and disseminate publications in Kiswahili on nutrition and HIV also on infant and young child feeding in the context of HIV.

As years continued COUNSENUTH continue to increase its involvement in other areas eg. Maternal and child nutrition in general; nutrition and NCDs; and issues of micronutrients. Some of the past programs are highlighted below:

Nutrition and HIV
1999-2004 COUNSENUTH was funded by the National Aid Control Program (NACP) of the Ministry of Health to implement…  Read more

Infant and Young Child Nutrition
COUNSENUTH has been working with the Government and other partners to address infant and young child feeding in the… Read more