These are the principles that determine our performance and overall organizational culture

  • Integrity
    COUNSENUTH strives for strict work ethics. It protects the rights of women and children in all its programs, statements, and advocacy work. It is at the forefront in monitoring compliance of food industries towards International and National Food and Nutrition Laws and Regulations. As a Non-Government Organization (NGO), COUNSENUTH strives to work within the government’s regulations guiding civil society operations.
  • Accountability
    COUNSENUTH has its own internal rules and it is also accountable to its Board of Directors, organization’s members and beneficiaries (i.e. vulnerable groups, CSOs, government and others requiring its services). COUNSENUTH practices a high level of transparency in all its undertakings.
  • Quality of service
    COUNSENUTH is very particular about the quality of services it delivers. It ensures that its services are within the national policies and guidelines; and the UN/global Food and Nutrition Recommendations that are relevant. COUNSENUTH technical assistance to our partners often exceeds their expectations. The centre’s information and communication materials are among the best and are in high demand since they are relevant, target the needs of the people, and always up to date.