Our approaches include

Capacity building is one of our core areas which aims at improving the capacity of service providers at all levels especially for NGOs, CBOs and health workers in order to improve the quality of services delivered and interventions. Several tailor made training packages have been developed based on the needs assessment conducted to identify gaps and thereafter addressing them during the training.

A number of master trainers have been trained as nutrition resource to facilitate/support training, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of nutrition interventions. On job mentoring and coaching is done to improve skills, knowledge and practices of service providers trained and to ensure improved performance.

Social and behavior change communication (SBCC) is employed as an approach to promote and sustain positive nutrition behaviors for our target groups where both the individual, family, community and structural and broader environmental levels based on evidence, proven theories and models of behavior change.
Mass media
COUNSENUTH has been using radio, television, mini-campaigns, social networks (such as Facebook, blogs & twitter) and mobile phones to reach out to a broader audience with key messages that not only raise awareness but also promote adoption of pro-nutrition behaviors.
Behavior Change Communication Materials
Various behavior change communication materials with key messages are availed to promote changes in knowledge, attitudes, and practices among specific audiences. Positive role model testimonies and reminders are prioritized in promoting adoption of pro-nutrition behaviors for improved nutrition outcomes.
COUNSENUTH owns a resource centre which is equipped with various simple and user friendly print and audio materials specifically on maternal nutrition, infant and young child nutrition, prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV, nutritional care and support for people living with HIV as well as on food and nutrition in the prevention and management of non-communicable diseases (NCDS).

COUNSENUTH has been providing nutrition counseling services at a small scale since its conception. The aim of counseling services is to promote healthy lifestyle among various vulnerable groups and the public at large. The growing need for nutrition counseling services has been recognized year after year in the field of nutrition.

Currently, COUNSENUTH is in the process of establishing a counseling unit which will provide center based and work place counseling services to improve nutrition and health of workers and families in order to contribute to the reduction of the incidence of diet related non communicable diseases and promote better health, management and mitigation of diet related health problems.

The Centre also offers life skills programs for youth and parents with aim of improving communication skills, coaching on conflict resolution skills, emotion regulation, ethics, rights (personal and civic), time management, analytical skills, problem solving and aid in developing general positive character that will consequently lead to a healthy mental state and successful development. These will contribute to sustainable development and a safeguarded Tanzanian society.

Local Government Authorities (LGAs) are part and parcel of all the projects/programs implemented by the Centre. District/Town/Municipal councils, wards and village governments are involved since inception of the programs and working closely with them is our norm. This creates and promotes ownership and sustainability.

COUNSENUTH community involvement is driven from our major target that mainly includes vulnerable groups. These groups’ needs are the prime drivers of COUNSENUTH since quality of life to all matters to us.

Communities that COUNSENUTH works with are key players in capacitating their societies by use of Focused Groups Discussions (FGDs), Peer Support Groups (PSGs) as well as community meetings. Community involvement remains one of the most important components in implementation of our programs; this promotes sustainability.

At National level, COUNSENUTH has been part of the government teams that develops policies and guidelines on nutrition and related areas. COUNSENUTH works closely with partners at communities and at all levels of programs implementation; this is important so that we complement each other. At National level, COUNSENUTH works with key stakeholders in nutrition and related sectors. This includes the Government, and both national and international partners.